Riding Portugal

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    Завтра в 03:00Сезон 1. 3-я серия - "A Ride through my City"
    Сезон 1. 3-я серия - "A Ride through my City"

    João Kopke continues to explore Portugal and discover the best that nature and Portuguese culture have to offer! See how the Portuguese Surfer enjoys Lisbon, his hometown, with this new episode from Riding Portugal series.

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    Сезон 1. 7-я серия - "Madeira"

    Jo?o Kopke sets out on a new adventure of finding the best waves, this time in Madeira Island. Along the way, with him always carrying a surfboard, we find out about the greatest things that Portuguese culture and nature have to offer.

    Сезон 1. 8-я серия - "Riding North"

    João Kopke continues his quest for new adventures in the North Portugal. Out of the water he discovers the treasures of Portuguese culture and nature. In this episode follow him to one unique place offering great surfing spots and a fast-paced environment abounding of history.

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Joao Kopke shows the best the West has, from its history to the passion for surfing. Get to know the various adventures that Portugal has to offer with the Riding Portugal series!

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