Dali and Cocky Prince

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    The story is about a romance of smart but poor girl Dali and a rich but ignorant guy MuHak. The main character Dali has lots of knowledge and sense of art but she has become very poor girl as her family which was super rich just got bankrupted. As her father's last will was to save the art gallery he owns, Dali struggles to save it.

    But the creditor MuHak comes to the art gallery and starts to make mess telling her to give his money back. There was nothing Dali can do but after MuHak hears her desperate situation, he decides to help her instead. So he starts to take care of the art gallery together with Dali.

    However, as MuHak has no artistic knowledge, he only cares about the money not artist value of the arts. So he is like "you are paying millions for this scrap metals and colored papers?" But, with Dali, he starts to learn the true beauty of arts and learn that in the world there is something more valuable than money which is Love.

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