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    12 июля в 05:00Сезон 1. 4-я серия - "Azores, the Living Island"
    вс, 12 июля
    Сезон 1. 4-я серия - "Azores, the Living Island"

    In a new episode of Riding Portugal the Azores takes center stage. Surfer Jo?o Kopke shows us what the beautiful island of S. Miguel has to offer, from its gastronomy to the green and inspirational landscapes, and of course… the waves.

    Сезон 1. 5-я серия - "A Ride Through The South of Portugal"

    In a new episode of Riding Portugal we head to the south to explore the region of Algarve and discover more about the surf, the culture and its History. Jo?o Kopke leads us to good surfing spots, enjoys the local cuisine and unfolds all the hidden stories of the region.

    пн, 13 июля
    Сезон 1. 6-я серия - "A Ride Between Rivers"

    A Ride Between Rivers was filmed between rivers Tejo and Sado and it’s an inspirational trip between Lisbon and Setúbal, discovering cool surf spots along the way.

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Joao Kopke shows the best the West has, from its history to the passion for surfing. Get to know the various adventures that Portugal has to offer with the Riding Portugal series!

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