Произведено:Великобритания, 2011
Режиссеры:Олрик Райли, Джон Стриклэнд
В ролях:Эшли Мадекве, Шон Магвайр, Себастьян Шоу, Шарлотта Солт, Тео Джеймс, Уилл Янг, Хьюго Спир
Supernatural drama series about the strange events that occur in a complex of stylish new apartments converted from a former asylum.
Сегодня, 02:30
Bedlam. Сезон 2. Episode 5
The old asylum chapel is broken into by a man named Liam, who holds a bizarre black magic ritual which raises the violent ghost of a former priest. 5/6
Сегодня, 03:15
Bedlam. Сезон 2. Episode 6
Ellie tries to leave Bedlam, but a ghost leaves her a vital tool to understanding her visions. 6/6