The latest series introduces a host of new characters who shake things up and give cause for concern as Section D, once again, are left wondering who can really be trusted. One month after Ros’s funeral the team are tracking suspected terrorist, Abib, on a boat from Tangiers. When the boat is stormed by Somalian pirates, a mysterious Eastern European ‘prostitute’ saves Lucas’s life. This is Beth Bailey, who soon becomes a new recruit.
30 вс, 00:50
Spooks. Сезон 10. Episode 1
Ghosts from the past come back to haunt MI5 chief Harry Pearce, forcing him into a shocking revelation about his time as a spy during the Cold War. 1/6
30 вс, 01:45
Spooks. Сезон 10. Episode 2
High-level secrets are stolen when Calum is mugged outside Thames House, but was it a random robbery or a theft-to-order? 2/6