House of Fools

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The series takes the duo of Vic and Bob's blend of rapid-fire jokes and surrealist wit, applying it to the sitcom format. Episodes are filled with musical routines to deliver plot points, strange events that break up the action, non-sequitur gags, off-colour jokes, and oddball characters. Each episode shows Bob Mortimer's house being filled with uninvited people, to his frustration - usually built around a basic sitcom premise. Vic Reeves is one of the uninvited guests who lives in the house. Also living in the house is Bob's son Erik. Julie lives next door.


Ник Вуд

В ролях

Моргана Робинсон, Рентон Скиннер, Рис Шерсмит, Руфус Джонс, Арабелла Уир, Вик Ривз, Боб Мортимер, Мэтт Берри

Страна и год

Великобритания, 2014

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