Завтра, 23:10
Hustle. Сезон 5. Episode 4
When a deal goes wrong and the team is left with a priceless diamond necklace, they are forced to take on their most dangerous mark to date.
24 ср, 23:05
Hustle. Сезон 5. Episode 5
Mickey becomes interested in a youth club's plight when it is threatened with demolition. He finds out corrupt politician Rhona Christie is involved. 5/6
25 чт, 23:10
Hustle. Сезон 5. Episode 6
The team sets out to con upper-class twit Alfie Baron, but all is not as it seems. Alfie is the plant of a gang of aggrieved former marks. 6/6
Fresh from an expensive spell in Las Vegas, the team are strapped for сash and therefore desperate to get back into the grifting game.
Великобритания, 2004 – 2012