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    Сегодня в 04:00Сезон 3. 10-я серия - "Hoe Down"
    Сезон 3. 10-я серия - "Hoe Down"

    Refus, Pops, and the gang practice for the big Hoe Down…on Segways. The guys race the Squaw Peak downhill, go mud bogging, and Pat does some redneck freestyle BMX.

    Сезон 3. 11-я серия - "Big Trouble"

    Refus and Pops settle a conflict - Thrillbillie style, Pops attempts a backflip on a bigwheel, the motorhome gets jumped by Cam and Crum, and Derek skies over the camper in the motor buggy.

    Сезон 3. 12-я серия - "Finer Moments"

    Refus looks back on some of the Thrillbillies’ finer moments, featuring Cam, Crum, Whitney, Jared, and Johnny and great moments in Thrillbillie history are highlighted.

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A non-fiction series, Thrillbillies follows the adventures and exploits of a series of reckless daredevils who throw caution to the wind and attempt ill-advised stunts and crazy dares. The two stars, Cam and Crum, often attach rockets to household furniture and attempt to ride that furniture as long as possible; in one episode, they successfully rode a rocket-propelled toilet. Cam and Crum are joined by a variety of "thrillbillies apprentices," who idolize their mentors and will attempt almost anything to gain their approval and respect. Many times this turns into an all-out competition between the apprentices to see who can successfully perform the wildest and most dangerous stunts. Thrillbillies is very popular among thrill seekers and people who enjoy finding creative uses for mundane objects. Many viewers also watch this program in hopes of seeing a serious accident, which has happened several times; these accidents often involve explosions, flying shrapnel, or flash fires.

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