The 808

О передаче

The 808 is a surfer docudrama from Fuel TV (808 is Hawaii's area code). It chronicles the life and times of a surfing crew called "the Wolfpak" based out of Kauai, Hawaii. Led by the charismatic leader Kala Alexander, "the Wolfpak" is one of the most dominant surf groups of the Hawaiian Islands. The series begins with pro surfer Kala Alexander introducing us to the various members of his infamous surf crew. The series then progresses to explain some of the history of Pipeline and why this strip of beach is dangerous surfing. The 808 wraps up its season with "the Wolfpak" embarking on such adventures as surfing tsunamis, cleaning up the beach, entering various surf competitions, hunting wild boars, and kicking butt to hold their turf. The 808 is a fun drama packed series with plenty of sports action and the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. The show ran for one season, in 2007, resulting in a total of 7 episodes.

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